Kumita campaign will provide condom for every eighth grader. Pupils will receive their condoms from school nurses in connection with a comprehensive health check-up. The packet contains one condom and some basic information about the condom and how to use it. The goal is to help pupils become familiarized with the condom and to allow them to practice using condoms in peace. It adds a certain dignity to the event that the pupil receives the condom packet personally from their own school nurse.

In order to make the receiving of the condom special, it would be good for the school nurse to approach this with a suitable attitude and to prepare a few catchy phrases to say to the pupil during their short meeting. Although the moment is over quickly, a small effort can make all the difference, because even the shortest meeting may affect the pupil’s enthusiasm for the condom packet or even their willingness to accept it from the nurse.

Talk to the young person while handing out the condom:

  1. A condom may be needed soon or after a few years. It’s a good idea to familiarize oneself with it in peace and beforehand, even if you wouldn’t be needing it for some years.
  2. Practice makes perfect, with the condom as with everything else.
  3. A condom is a great way to look after yourself and your partner(s).
  4. Condoms are for everyone, not just for boys.

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