Instruction: How to use a Kumita-condom? English subtitles.

What is the Kumita campaign?

Kumita campaign is intended to elaborate in a positive way on using condoms as a way of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Kumita is an educational campaign by Väestöliitto for middle-school aged teenagers. It is funded by the ministry of social affairs and health.

The campaign is aimed at refuting some common myths surrounding the condom. Through the campaign, teenagers learn to be more relaxed about condoms, to think about condoms as trusted basics that teenagers should always keep with them.

What do the campaign slogans mean?

The slogan ”Your trusted basic. Always at hand” affirms the idea that the condom is part of a select group of necessary, basic things that you always have with you. The slogan equates the condom with your mobile, keys or other necessary basics – every item has its own important purpose. The campaign is a reminder that teenagers should always have condoms with them and that condoms are like any other everyday item. Incorporating condoms into everyday life makes it easier to buy and talk about them.

”Kumita. When it’s time” encourages teenagers to use condoms – in other words, to rubber up when it’s time. The last part of the slogan hints gently at the fact that everyone starts using condoms at their own pace and that there’s no fixed age for starting.

What happens here?

With Kumita, there’s things happening all the time. At Kumimania game you get to squash bacteria to death. Download the Kumita app to your phone and find out if you’re dating material and whether you could give advice to a mate in trouble. Follow Kumita on Facebook and Instagram. Starting from August 2020, eighth graders are handed their very own Kumita-condom by their school nurse or teacher.

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