Why and how to use condom?

The Kumita campaign is all about the glorious condom. There’s no better way to stay protected from sexually transmitted diseases! For guys, it’s the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to protect oneself from STDs. You can get condoms anywhere and anyone can buy them, there’s no age limit. The condom is your trusted favourite – always keep it with you, wherever you go. Kumita gives you the all the facts – soon you’ll know everything you need to about prevention and condoms.

What happens here?

With Kumita, there’s things happening all the time. Follow Kumita on Instagram @nuortenvaestoliitto and Väestöliitto on TikTok @Vaestoliitto. Starting from the fall 2018, eighth graders are handed their very own Kumita-condom by their school nurse.

What’s so great about the condom?

Everything! It protects you from disease and pregnancy. You can get it anywhere, from the gas station or from you local grocery store, and anyone can buy a pack. No doctor’s appointments needed, no prescription, and there’s not even an age limit. Both guys and girls can buy and use condoms, and so everyone has access to good prevention.

Why should you familiarize yourself with the condom?

Practice makes perfect. You can practice putting on a condom, even if you haven’t had sex yet and aren’t planning to for a long time. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Both guys and girls need the practice. Guys can practice using a condom when they masturbate. Girls can practice for example by rolling the condom over a carrot. The important thing is to open the wrapper correctly, to roll on the condom and take it off properly.

Why use a condom?

Because you deserve it! And so does your partner. Nobody wants to contract a sexually transmitted disease or become accidentally pregnant. Using a condom means feeling good and not having to worry afterwards. Using prevention is a sign that you’re a good egg. It shows that you care about yourself and about your partner. So do a good deed and use a condom!